We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. The best results will occur if we deal with your whole project; creating your whole project is the purpose of the studio.
We will produce,record,mix,master and create images/graphic for your packaging. The final step is lining up duplication for the final product. We do have hourly rates; however, email us to quote a whole project. This will be the best way to save money for your project. Each artist requires something different so our price will reflect what you need.
All rates include an engineer and production help.


$40 per hour (Engineer incl.)


Email for a Quote

Studio time would be used for tracking and recording the song(s). For most productions overdubbing is done to ensure the best results and performances.

Perhaps you have recorded your own tracks but need them mixed properly. Give us an email.

sheldon arvay

LESSONS  $25 per hour

Can't get your own mixes right? Don't understand your gear? Perhaps get some lessons to alleviate your frustration.  


$30  to $50 per song

Mastering is included in our full packages but if you require only mastering we offer stereo mastering and stem mastering. If your budget will allow  take your product to the next level by having us hook you up with mastering engineers that specialize in mastering.


Call for a Quote

Music production is included in our full packages if required; however, if you require help with writing, proper musicality, or musicians to play on your tracks we can line it up.